Friday, September 12, 2008

Equipment and Materials

Ok, we only have two weeks to get this thing together but it should not be that tough. We are going to tailgate in the same spot as we did for last year's Iron Bowl. I guess the easiest thing to do is just everybody bring their own beverages and one side item of food like a dip or some kind of finger food. When you figure out what you want to bring just add a blog with what you are bringing. Below is a list of everything we need. I've got most of it but let me know if you can bring the stuff I don't have.

- tent (got it)
- 2 tables (got 1, need one more)
- mixers (I'm gonna get a 12 pack cans of Sprite and Diet Coke, anything else we need someone to bring)
- plates, napkins, cups (got it)
- cooler of ice (I'll get Daniel to help me do that)
- chairs (got about 4 or 5, we'll definitely need more so if you have one bring it)
- any games to play (don't have any)

Also, if you can think of anything else we need just make a post.

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